Yoga on Demand Fits Your Sked

My cousin Sarah is into yoga. She’s not just into yoga, she is crazy over it.

I could not understand the addiction at first. But now that I have tried it myself, I can clearly understand why she would not miss yoga unless there’s a hurricane warning or something as deadly coming her way.

yoga on demand

techie yoga

But my work schedule is just crazy especially now that we’re migrating database from one website to a new one. I am what you would call an information technologist or a librarian except that I deal with digital and electronic information. Time can fly fast in a day and still the work that needs to be done does not seem to diminish.

Since I am a techie, I do techie yoga as well. I have the yoga videos app where I do live streaming yoga or yoga on demand. I have no excuse not to do it because I don’t have to adjust or chase after regular yoga class schedules.

Yoga is my balm of choice and it is the best remedy after a long day or a long week. My weekends are sacred and I really use the time to relax and enjoy the day, away from the demands of work. When it has been a particularly hellish week, I make time to do yoga at the end of the week so I can better appreciate the weekend.

Even my friends notice that I do not look so stressed or tired like I used to. It also helps that I have somehow toned my body through constant online yoga classes. It’s not a weight reduction remedy but it can be a vehicle towards it.

I have a better grip over myself mentally. I do not worry so much, because really, we don’t go through life calculating every move. Yoga lets me school my mind to focus on the positive even when the going gets tough. Anger is not natural state of our bodies, it may be good at times to give vent to our emotions but it is never good all the time.

Patience is a virtue that I have gained from practicing yoga. I am more forgiving of myself, and accepting too. Sure, I won’t be fashion magazine material, but I can be the best version of me every single day.

I have also instilled discipline in my eating habits. Doing yoga has helped me regulate my eating in such a way that I make sure I am not deprived of nourishment and enjoyment of savouring good food. Healthy food can be delicious, and yes they are hard work. And because I value my time, I have started meal planning that should cover 3 to 4 days of food that’s cooked in one sitting.

Social media gives a lot of information, but feeling good about oneself through a healthy lifestyle is inspiration. A healthy lifestyle is the best skincare, and healthy food is the best medicine that is available to us. It is there for the taking. All we need to do is choose and decide to stick to it.