Visa to Egypt

Seeing the Pyramids at Giza seems to be a part of many travelers’ bucket lists. But there is so much more to Egypt than these stone wonders. This African country has so many things to offer even to the most seasoned travelers. You can take a cruise down the historic Nile River. You can even go on a wild safari in the Sahara. Of course, you can also try Egyptian food, which is one of the tastiests in the region. But before you can go to Egypt though and enjoy everything that it has to offer, you need to take care of getting an Egypt Visa. 

Electronic Visa

Good news for anyone who wants to go to Egypt as a tourist. You can now apply for an electronic visa (eVIsa). And the application process is done online, no need to go to the Egyptian embassy or consulate in your country. With an eVisa, you can stay in Egypt for as long as 30 days. Multiple entry visas are also available. Needless to say, visitors must ensure that they will not overstay. Please take note as well that the processing time of an eVisa may take up to 7 business days. So you need to take this in consideration in making your travel plans. When approved, you will receive your visa via email as a PDF file.

Benefits of getting an eVisa

Depending on your nationality, It is possible to get a visa upon arrival in Egypt. However, lines can be long and filling up the application form can also take up some of your precious time. Getting an eVisa is the most convenient way to enter Egypt. You won’t need to fill up anything upon arrival or to spend time on a long line. All you need to do is to present your eVisa to an immigration agent. It is advisable that you print and keep an extra copy of your eVisa just in case the original gets lost. You can use the eVisa in all land, sea and air ports.

Requirements for an eVisa

To be eligible for an eVisa, you need to have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months upon entry to Egypt. You must use an ordinary passport. Travel document, maritime passport, travel passport or Convention of July are not valid for use to apply for an eVisa. You need to make sure that all details that you will enter in the form will match the details on your passport. You also need to submit an itinerary and a confirmed hotel booking to be approved. An eVisa is valid for tourism purposes only. If you are planning to work or study in Egypt, you need to apply for a special permit.

Egypt Visa Online

The Egypt eVisa is available only to citizens of certain countries. To check if your country is included, you can visit Egypt Visa Online at This website is not in any way associated with the Government of Egypt or with any third party organizations that provide similar travel authorization services. Egypt Visa Online offers high quality travel and immigration services for people who would like to go to Egypt.