Types of Window Shades Used in Delray Beach

In order to improve the looks of a house as well as regulate the entry of UV rays inside it various types of window treatments including window shades, blinds and shutters etc. are used in Delray Beach area. Some of the Delray Beach window shades are briefly discussed here under to help you in selecting suitable one for your home.

Cellular Shades: This energy efficient treatment for windows is used most commonly all over the nation for blocking out the heat and cold waves coming in from the exterior. These shades are available in different designs including single cell, double cell and triple cell etc. You can choose number of cells depending upon the amount of insulation and control of light is required by your window. The range of the size of its pleats can be from ” to 1 ¼” from which you can choose as per your requirement. The cells of these shades are available in a variety of textures and colors from which you can chose as per the decor of your room.

Solar and roller shades: This kind of Delray Beach window shades can protect you from UV rays when down and protect your view when up. The roller shades can be right choice for you if you are searching for something to simply cover your windows. These shades are available in different types of textures, weaves and fabrics to allow you to see through them along with providing you almost complete protection from UV rays. If you want pitch blackness in your room then you can also use black roller shades with side channels but if you want to control the shades while rising it up or rolling it down then you should go for roller shades with clutch system and continuous cord loop. You can power it by a motor or manually to control the incoming of light in your room.

Roman shades: Though the name of these Delray Beach window shades seems to be classical but these shades are commonly used in modern decorations. These are the roller shades with exposed stack. They are available in tiered, hobbled and flat forms to allow you to choose as per your requirement. Custom Roman shades can also be made for any fabric to match with the décor of your room.

Natural Shades: Natural shades allow you to bring the beauty of your outdoor to your indoor. These shades are made of real wood and fibers to give a warm feeling to your room. In order to provide maximum protection from UV rays a liner is used in these shades. These natural shades are available with various types of trims to improve the looks of your window.

Transitional banded shades: The Delray Beach window shades of this type are considered as the latest style in window shades. In this design continuous roller shades have been banned. They can be operated with the help of a powered motor as well as manually. In its latest design a variable light control is provided to filter the light entering into the room and its alternate panels can be aligned if you want complete darkness in the room.