Three reasons to install a home automation system. technology available to the world’s inhabitants today is absolutely mind-blowing. People can access their email or call anyone anywhere in the world whenever they want to simply by pulling their smartphone out of their pocket. The GPS system in their car can tell them how to get just about anywhere, and their car will be able to drive itself pretty soon here. The point is that technology is having a huge impact on the way people live their lives, and if the past 25 years is any indication, humanity is in for a world of change in the coming quarter century. The speed at which technological advancements are being made is only quickening. The world of 2040 is quite likely going to look a lot different than the world of today.

One really neat new technological innovation has to be the home automation system. A home automation system is a program that allows you to connect all of the various devices in your home to a single control panel. That control panel can be accessed with your smartphone, your computer, or a panel that’s on the wall. You can control the lights in your home, your television, the blinds, lock your front door, or turn on your home security system (and much more) all from your cell phone. They’re incredible systems that are making life easier for a large number of people. If you don’t have a home automation system in your residence, here are three reasons to install one.

First and foremost, home automation systems bring an extra layer of security to your home. They’re great because they allow you to control you home security system no matter where you are. If you’ve gone out of town for a work trip and you can’t remember if you locked your front door or turned on your security cameras, you can do so from your hotel room. They also allow you to view your security camera through their system, so if your door rings, you can check on your phone to see who it is.

The second thing that’s so great about home automation systems is that they provide independence to people who are elderly and/or have disabilities that make it difficult for them to walk. The beauty of these systems is that you can control all of the aspects of your home without getting up, which means people living at home who are elderly or who are in a wheelchair can still live autonomously.

The final thing that’s so great about these systems is that they greatly increase convenience in your home. If you’re laying in bed and you’re too tired to get up and turn off your lights, you can do so while still lying down.

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