The residential interior designer scene in Denver is growing

Hiring a residential interior decorator to transform the interior living space of your home, can be an overwhelming and daunting task for any of us to take on. You and your family really want to improve your living space, but are unsure if the designer you are considering is worth the price they are asking and if the ideas and hopes that you all presented, were actually listened to and considered before implementing the change on your home. That being said, this author has compiled a short list of things that one should do before hiring on any residential decorator.

First and foremost you should look at the prospective residential interior designer’s portfolio. Make sure that the subject matter within that portfolio closely resembles that which you were hoping for with your own living space. If it does not, you can at least examine the portfolio to see if the final projects are diverse and seem to be based on the wants of the clients. At the end of the day you and your family will want to bring on a residential decorator that has a diverse collection of work.

You will also want to make sure that the prospective residential interior designer has a list of previous client references. If these are provided for you, do not take that as reason enough to believe that the company is of high quality. Do yourself a favor and actually get on the phone and call the references. Ask them questions about professionalism, timeliness and overall quality of work performed by the residential interior designer you are considering hiring. After doing this for a few potential designers, you should be able narrow your search to a few top designers in your area.

After your search has narrowed and you have a short list of residential interior decorators that you are considering, this author recommends that you schedule an appointment with all of them to talk through your design ideas. During this conversation you should be able to further narrow your field by considering basic things like price and a timetable for work completion, but you should also be thinking about how the conversation felt for you. Did you feel like the residential decorator was actually listening to you? Were they taking notes and trying to ask questions or just sitting there nodding their head? Many residential interior decorator companies will pretend to listen to your ideas only to scrap them completely later on. Make sure the person you are considering seems as though they will honor your wishes and provide the living space you have always dreamed of.

If you and your family take these few simple steps before bringing a residential interior designer into your home, you will be happy you did. In the end you will be left with a beautiful living space that matches both your personal style and also did not break your bank. Both of these two things are extremely important in that money is something that none of us ever have enough of and style is a reflection of who you are as an individual.