The greenhouse design you go with should depend on what you’re growing. have always been popular among growers, but they’re likely going to become even more popular over the course of the next century. That’s because global climate change is drastically altering the world’s climate, and the effects are only going to get more intense over the coming decades. Climate change is going to bring with it more intense periods of rain, longer and more intense droughts, higher highs, sometimes lower lows, and unseasonable temperatures will become more common. This means 80-degree days in February, like Denver saw last year, and 70-degree days in July. All of this variance means that farmers can go ahead and chuck their Farmer’s Almanac out the window, because what it says in its pages isn’t going to apply to a world dealing with climate change.

In order to provide food security and ensure that their crops are going to be okay, more and more growers are going to need to put their crops inside of a greenhouse. Greenhouses are great because it’s easy to regulate the temperature inside of them, they provide protection against the elements, and they can make better use of water. The right greenhouse construction can mean that the water being used in the greenhouse is being used to its full potential, with very little wasted and much of it recycled and reused. The bottom line? Greenhouses are great for growing crops, and they’re going to become much more prevalent as global climate change takes hold of the planet.

Of course, the type of greenhouse design that you end up going with for your crops has to depend on what you’re actually growing. Some crops like copious amounts of sunshine and hot temperatures, while others prefer things to be a little cooler with less intense sunshine. The type of greenhouse that you get built for your crops needs to reflect these differences. This means doing your homework. You need to research each crop that you’re growing to see what they like best, and then you should design your greenhouse to reflect that. This might mean building the greenhouse a certain way to capture the sun’s light during specific times of the day, or it might mean building the greenhouse under some trees so that it’s protected from the sun. Ultimately, you just need to figure out exactly what type of conditions your crops like best to thrive, and then you need to build your greenhouse to reflect that.

The best way to go about building the perfect greenhouse is to find the right company to build it for you. There are lots of great greenhouse construction companies out there, but few of them do a better job and know their craft better than GGS. When you visit GGS, you realize within minutes that they really know their stuff. They have loads of pictures on their websites, accompanied by very detailed descriptions of what you’re looking at. No matter what kind of greenhouse you’re looking to build and no matter what you’re growing, they can help you create a greenhouse that will maximize your growing potential.