Energy Fuels 

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Energy fuels was founded in 2006, but the real journey started in the 1970s with Energy fuels

nuclear. Over the past few decades, energy fuels has been at the forefront in
the uranium industry, actively participating in the mining and supply of uranium
as a source of energy. Over the years, the company has improved its operations,
and in 2011 received the final licenses from the State of Colorado that would
eventually allow it to operate the Piñon Ridge Uranium Mill. It is this license
that eventually had the company fully committed to being a uranium and vanadium
development company. Today, the company boats an expansive operational profile,
with the White Mesa Mill and the Canyon Mine under its belt, as well as the
Sheep Mountain project, the Henry Mountains Complex and the Roca Honda project.
It also has various in situ projects like the Nichols Ranch ISR Mine and plant,
the Alta Mesa ISR mine and plant the Hank project and the Jane Dough.

Energy fuels remains one of the leading producers of Uranium in the United States. This is one of
the world’s most important sources of fuel in a world that is increasingly
being dogged by the effects of fossil fuels. Uranium, that Energy Fuels is
known for, is the fuel behind the completely green nuclear energy that the world
needs now. The energy fuels uranium profile is unique in the world. This is
because there is an expected level of growth that is expected of the nuclear
industry in the world in the years to come. Many countries around the world are
working hard to ensure that they provide adequate amounts of clean and green
energy to their citizenry. It is this gap that the company is looking to fill
as it moves forward, both in the United States and globally. The availability
of plentiful and affordable energy, provided in a safe way while dealing with
the effects of climate change and global warming is becoming one of the biggest
priorities in the world. This is why Energy fuels fills an important gap in the
world’s energy profile.

The company makes use of both the traditional conventional technologies and the in-situ recovery
technologies in the exploitation of its uranium stocks. The company also has
several contracts with various nuclear facilities in the US, as well as various
high quality, large scale developments in the pipeline. With a rise in uranium
prices expected, energy fuels will have both the capacity and impetus to improve
its uranium production and operations in the United States.

Uranium is not the only product that the company is involved with, though. It is also a potential
producer of vanadium. This is most of the time a co-product that is mined
together with uranium in most of the company’s operations. Energy Fuels boasts
high levels of vanadium reserves and resources. The production quality is augmented
by a separate production circuit dedicated to vanadium at the White Mesa Mill.
Vanadium, just like uranium energy, has a high use potential in the next
generation of advanced battery and energy technologies.