Four Components of Medical Imaging that can Greatly Benefit from 3D Simulation

The development of technology is key to the advancement of the medical industry. Technology has become an integral part of medicine as it makes things far more efficient allowing more people to find proper treatment. Now when it comes to the diagnosing and analysis of a medical problem especially one that affects the patient’s inner body and internal organs, doctors have to be able to look into the patient to get a visualization of the patient’s problem without actually getting an up close look of the problem. This is done through the process of medical imaging.

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Medical imaging through Medical Device Simulations creates a visualization of the patient’s internals which are seen on a display allowing doctors to analyze and diagnose the problem. Medical imaging systems today function on a 2D system where displays show a 2D image of the visualized area. Through the development of technology, we now have medical imaging systems that are capable of creating medical images in 3D. Although the systems that are capable of 3D imaging only account for a little part of the entire medical imaging area, it certainly is a step forward.

The development of 3D technology is revolutionary for medical imaging which in turn is great for medicine as a whole allowing more detailed approaches to medical problems so that problems may be treated much better and a lot faster. Certainly the whole process of medical imaging benefits from 3D Medical Simulations but how exactly? Let’s take a look at four components of medical imaging that can greatly benefit from 3D simulation.

  1. Surgery – Prior to surgery, surgeons must know what they are dealing with before actually opening up the patient. Currently 2D x-rays are used by surgeons to analyze and solve the problem. With 3D imaging, surgeons can get a much more detailed and interactive visualization allowing for better understanding of the medical issue and treating it.
  2. Prosthetics – Patients with missing limbs can opt to get a prosthetic but before one can be created, the area has to be mapped in order to create a prosthetic that can fit properly for the patient and function well. With 3D imaging, mapping the area is much easier which provides a basis for creating an even better prosthetic.
  3. Telemedicine – Rare is it that a patient with a complex problem is in the same area as the expert who is adept in solving such problems. Usually the expert has to be flown to the patient in order to see the problem. With 3D mapping, the expert can simply be sent a 3D visualization to analyze.
  4. Scanning – MRIs and CTs function by taking hundreds of images altogether all of which have to be looked at by the doctor. But with a 3D Medical Simulation, the doctor can easily interact with a single visualization which basically allows him to look at everything all at once making things more efficient.

Hopefully 3D imaging technology will become more common use and the medical industry may be truly revolutionized through its use.

How Low Testosterone Affects Hair Growth

Some men consider their hair as their source of pride. For them, it is what makes a man. It can be disconcerting, then, when you find yourself slowly losing that which you considered as making up mostly of what you are. So, what is one to do?

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Some doctors point to low testosterone levels as the physiological culprit of hair loss. Low testosterone levels not only affect hair growth, they affect energy levels, and mood too. So, can one improve one’s testosterone levels?

The general answer is yes.

But, getting a testosterone replacement therapy is not like getting an over-the-counter drug. Most doctors would only prescribe it if you have persistent symptoms of low testosterone and if your blood levels confirm that indeed your testosterone is low.  Before, thinking of getting one for yourself, talk to your doctor first. He may or may not recommend you to a men’s t clinic where you can get your therapy.

So, what are the symptoms of low testosterone?

Subtle Symptoms

Some men do not have obvious symptoms of low testosterone. Their symptoms can be subtle.

But, first and foremost, let me point out that testosterone levels, indeed, do naturally decline over the years as men age. For some, though, the decline can be very steep, and for some, it’s an abrupt drop.

How would you know if you have low testosterone levels?

Check if you have any of these symptoms: (1) body and facial hair loss; (2) decreased muscle mass; (3) depression; (4) difficulty concentrating; (5) erectile dysfunction; (6) fatigue and poor energy level; (7) irritability; (8) low sense of well-being; or (9) low sex drive (libido).

Body and facial hair loss alone may not mean having low testosterone. Hair loss can be gene dependent. It means that some mean are pre-disposed to get bald or lose hair. Some men, in fact, do not even have body hair to begin with.

Hair Growth

Let us first understand why testosterone affects hair growth.

Testosterone is a steroid that belongs to a group of hormones called androgen. Androgens are responsible for all the physiological changes that a boy goes through during puberty.

Once testosterone is produced, it begins its journey around the body. It will look for receptor sites where it can attach itself to. Those receptors are called androgen receptors. One of those androgen receptors is the part of the hair follicle that’s called the dermal papilla. Testosterone can inhibit or facilitate the growth of the hair. It all depends on, as I said, the gene expression.

Geneticists and researchers cannot fully explain yet how the same hormone can do two polar opposite things.

Testosterone helps hair go through its growth cycle, which comes in three phases: (1) Anagen, the active growth phase; (2) Catagen, when hair stops growing; (3) Telogen, when hair completely stops and even falls out.

Hair follicles come in two types: Vellus and Terminal. The fine hair you see mostly on infants are the Vellus hair follicles. The longer, deeper, thicker, and more pigmented hair are the Terminal hair follicles. Androgen helps Vellus hair follicles mature into Terminal hair follicles.

Now, before you go running out to a low testosterone clinic, talk to your doctor first.


Yoga on Demand Fits Your Sked

My cousin Sarah is into yoga. She’s not just into yoga, she is crazy over it.

I could not understand the addiction at first. But now that I have tried it myself, I can clearly understand why she would not miss yoga unless there’s a hurricane warning or something as deadly coming her way.

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But my work schedule is just crazy especially now that we’re migrating database from one website to a new one. I am what you would call an information technologist or a librarian except that I deal with digital and electronic information. Time can fly fast in a day and still the work that needs to be done does not seem to diminish.

Since I am a techie, I do techie yoga as well. I have the yoga videos app where I do live streaming yoga or yoga on demand. I have no excuse not to do it because I don’t have to adjust or chase after regular yoga class schedules.

Yoga is my balm of choice and it is the best remedy after a long day or a long week. My weekends are sacred and I really use the time to relax and enjoy the day, away from the demands of work. When it has been a particularly hellish week, I make time to do yoga at the end of the week so I can better appreciate the weekend.

Even my friends notice that I do not look so stressed or tired like I used to. It also helps that I have somehow toned my body through constant online yoga classes. It’s not a weight reduction remedy but it can be a vehicle towards it.

I have a better grip over myself mentally. I do not worry so much, because really, we don’t go through life calculating every move. Yoga lets me school my mind to focus on the positive even when the going gets tough. Anger is not natural state of our bodies, it may be good at times to give vent to our emotions but it is never good all the time.

Patience is a virtue that I have gained from practicing yoga. I am more forgiving of myself, and accepting too. Sure, I won’t be fashion magazine material, but I can be the best version of me every single day.

I have also instilled discipline in my eating habits. Doing yoga has helped me regulate my eating in such a way that I make sure I am not deprived of nourishment and enjoyment of savouring good food. Healthy food can be delicious, and yes they are hard work. And because I value my time, I have started meal planning that should cover 3 to 4 days of food that’s cooked in one sitting.

Social media gives a lot of information, but feeling good about oneself through a healthy lifestyle is inspiration. A healthy lifestyle is the best skincare, and healthy food is the best medicine that is available to us. It is there for the taking. All we need to do is choose and decide to stick to it.

Benefits of Kids Gymnastics

Nary a parent who does not want the best for his or her child. Save for those who are clearly negligent. But, those regular ones do want their child to develop well, if not far better than their child’s peers. They want to give their child whatever activity or toy they can afford to make them develop well. Without injecting too many activities into a child’s day, most well-meaning parents want to be conscientious in giving their child the right amount and kind of opportunities so that their physique, emotional well-being, and intellect are stimulated, nurtured, and developed.

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It is public knowledge that sports provide a myriad of benefits to any child. An active lifestyle, after all, improves the over-all health of any person. Sports, provide some social benefits, as well.

But, one of the best sports to get into, without necessarily forcing this into your child, is gymnastics.

Gymnastics training is comprehensive. Gymnastics as a lifestyle exercise develops flexibility, balance, strength, coordination, speed, discipline, and power. How could it get any more comprehensive than that? Even if it is not pursued as a serious sport but only as a recreational activity, kids gymnastics is one of the best, of not the best physiological activity for over-all development.

General Health Benefits

With the onslaught of pediatric obesity in the country (reportedly one in every three kids. Gasp!), participation in any physical activity for children is greatly encouraged. Physical activities help kids get and stay fit, and become health over-all. Physical activity reduces the risk of being obese. Children who are active lowers their risk for heart disease, and diabetes, as well, well into adulthood. Once a child has incorporated physical activities into their day, those habits are well carried into their adulthood. Gymnastics provide just the right amount of physical activity for most kids. It paves the way for them to have an active and healthy lifestyle as they grow up.

Balance, Coordination, and Good Motor Skills

As a child develops physically, motor skills are also developed. It is best that those skills are honed continually. Kids gymnastics classes provide just enough structure to help kid develop their motor skills. The gymnastics drills also help improve balance and coordination, very helpful foundation for other physical skills, and sports. Along with the physical skills, body awareness is also developed.


No other type of athlete except for professional weight lifters, perhaps, which have excellent strength vis-à-vis one’s own eight. Early gymnastics training at provide a good foundation for the child to build power, endurance, and over-all muscle strength. Other benefits include better balance, improved posture, leaner and more toned muscles.

Social Benefits

Gymnastics are not just good for the physical well-being of children. Their improved sleep and physical conditioning as a result of the gymnastics training improve their chances of handling emotional challenges that come their way, as well. Kids gymnastics classes helm them to improve how they communicate to each other, work as a team, and deal with adults.

Discipline and Commitment

Gymnastics, due to its challenging nature, helps improve concentration and discipline, which in turns improve a child’s commitment. The hard work and the benefits coming from it help to build the child’s confidence, as well.

Mental Health Benefits of Attending Yoga Classes

Rehearsing yoga routinely has been known to evoke various health benefits which has prompted it turn out to be more prevalent every day. As more individuals are attracted to the training, yoga instructors find their Yoga Classes becoming bigger. Doing yoga all the time can do extraordinary things for one’s body like more noteworthy flexibility, built muscles, stronger bones, and so on. In any case, yoga does not just affect one’s body. Yoga additionally joins controlled breathing, concentrating, and unwinding which benefits the brain. Today we are going to take a look into how practicing yoga can benefit your mental health.

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1.) Heightens concentration – As one holds a posture for an expanded measure of time and keeps up the stream of transitioning, one must have the capacity to concentrate on the pose. After some time, one can build up a superior feeling of focus and in addition enhanced coordination and response time.

2.) Deepens sleep – Our unpleasant lives have inflicted significant damage on the nature of our sleep each night. This prompts one to feel constantly tired The unwinding and quiet nature in yoga causes one to have the capacity to rest a considerable measure better in bed.

3.) Gives peace to mind – Our mind can become bombarded with dozens of thoughts every day and doing yoga helps to slow this. This implies the training itself can enable our psyches to adapt to our feelings enabling one to accomplish peace.

4.) Increases mental quality – Being in the Yoga Studio frequently takes commitment and train. It is these components that can help impact your mental quality enabling you to settle on choices less demanding and do what is ideal.

5.) Heightens mindfulness – Honing yoga causes you perceive yourself and realize that you are responsible for your life. This makes you more mindful of yourself which is an incredible resource with regards to truly changing your life to improve things.

6.) Relaxes framework – The very substance of yoga urges one to unwind. This is accomplished by breathing gradually and moving one’s concentration to the now. This unwinding causes one’s psyche to relax as well as positively affects your body in general.

7.) Encourages self-care – As you start to wind up plainly more mindful of yourself, you will turn out to be more mindful of your needs. You understand the control you have and put it to utilize ensuring that you remain sound on all aspects.

8.) Improves connections – As you figure out how to deal with yourself better, you will likewise build up a more prominent feeling of tend to others. Yoga shows one to be all the more well-disposed and have more sympathy for others.

9.) Guides – All through your yoga journey you will have your yoga educator in the Yoga Studio to manage you and watch over you while giving you and the understudies with useful tidbits which you will appreciate and recall.

10.)  Improves happiness – When all is said in done, doing yoga can really make you more joyful. The demonstration of yoga influences your cerebrum such that it delivers more serotonin which is in charge of making you more joyful.